Living Triumphantly: The Scriptural View Of The Undershepherd

Living Triumphantly: The Scriptural View Of The Undershepherd

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Peter tells the church elders to eagerly shepherd the flock of God according to His will and not out of compulsion.


In “The Scriptural View of the Undershepherd,” Dr. Stanley explains how the role of pastor, or undershepherd, came into being. He then gives us a clear understanding of what a pastor’s motivation and manner of conduct must be and how he must serve in today’s church. He references his own pastoral experience to help us understand the role godly men can play in service to the local church. This includes pastors delegating spiritual responsibilities to deacons in order to help fulfill the ministry of the church.


This message is part of the series, Living Triumphantly: A Study of First Peter, and covers 1 Peter 5:1-4.