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For All He's Done

Greater Vision


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1. Come Unto MeGreater Vision0:29
2. Looking for the GraceGreater Vision0:29
3. This Is MercyGreater Vision0:29
4. The Blood Hasn't Ever ChangedGreater Vision0:29
5. Forever Is SureGreater Vision0:29
6. Seeking for MeGreater Vision0:29
7. Preacher Tell Me Like It IsGreater Vision0:29
8. I Can Trust YouGreater Vision0:29
9. I Will Take Care of YouGreater Vision0:29
10. For All He's DoneGreater Vision0:29


Joy- An Irish Christmas

Keith & Kristyn Getty


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1. God Rest Ye Merry GentlemenKeith & Kristyn Getty0:29
2. Hark! The Herald Angels SingKeith and Kristyn Getty0:29
3. What Child Is ThisKeith and Kristyn Getty0:29
4. MagnificatKeith and Kristyn Getty0:29
5. How Suddenly A Baby CriesKeith and Kristyn Getty0:29
6. Joy Has Dawned AngelsKeith and Kristyn Getty0:29
7. Jesus, Joy Of The Highest HeavenKeith and Kristyn Getty0:29
8. Carol Of The BellsKeith and Kristyn Getty0:29
9. O Savior Of Our Fallen RaceKeith and Kristyn Getty0:29
10. Fullness Of GraceKeith and Kristyn Getty0:29
11. Joy To The WorldKeith and Kristyn Getty0:29
12. An Irish Christmas BlessingKeith and Kristyn Getty0:29


Celebrate Jesus

Women of Faith


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1. HosannaWomen of Faith0:29
2. Here For YouWomen of Faith0:29
3. Your Great NameWomen of Faith0:29
4. StrongeWomen of Faith0:29
5. I Will FollowWomen of Faith0:29
6. Make It LoudWomen of Faith0:29
7. OvercomeWomen of Faith0:29
8. Never OnceWomen of Faith0:29
9. Everywhere That I GoWomen of Faith0:29
10. Shout To The LordWomen of Faith0:29